Tuesday, July 3, 2007

We have noWHERE to go because WE ARE already there.

What is wanderlust? Why do some of us have such a strong urge to keep moving, wandering, and seeking? What are we looking for? Why are running all over the place searching for something, experiencing something? The feel of a Micronesian breeze, the taste of a Uygur flat bread, the color of ancient Navajo sandstone, the sound of the roosters in the morning, or of the traffic at midnight; the senses are overwhelmed, but we always crave more.

And there are more questions…Why are we here? Where are we going? What are we doing?

I have spent years moving from the biggest cities, to the highest Himals, to the sands of isleta Managaha, in a quest for something - something I sensed was missing, something that felt true. Like a nomad, stopping here and there to farm, or fatten the herd, or pick the mangoes when they were ripe…sometimes wondering where should I settle down, where would I call home. Yet, inevitably, I would see a picture of a far off monastery, or a double humped camel, or a sailboat floating on clear blue lagoon, and my bags were packed. I didn’t set out to find treasure, or to become anything - I just kept going

Then one day, sitting up around 16,000 feet on the Tibetan plateau, it seemed there was actually nowhere to go. All I had seen for days were snow capped mountains and glacial rivers. The landscape was endless - no cities, no cars, not even people. Just ear ringing quiet and endless blue sky…There will always be more mountains, more rivers, more towns, more people, but nowhere to really GET TO. I was already there, and I was already here. So I lay down my stuff, lit a little fire, and watched the sunset.

We are all on this journey together no matter what we start out looking for. We can find counties and countries, mountains and oceans, highways and trails, tile roofs and tin roofs, cacti and coral, sticky rice and smoked salmon, tortillas and chapattis, and tsampa and corn flakes. And we can find ourselves, and each other.

True nomads, going beyond vacation, beyond travel, beyond experience, searching for meaning, searching for truth. Eventually we realize that the world is full of sameness, of humanness, and belonging. Everywhere is home, and when the lighting is right, and we know where to look, we find truth everywhere.

As humans we are nomads, as souls we are always home.

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Jean-Jacques said...

The last couple of paragraphs blew me away! J.J.